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Subliminal Collections: Timeless Masterpieces of Auditory Subliminals

Select the ideal package for your life circumstances from over 20 distinctive Subliminal Collections. Each collection aims to entirely transform a chosen aspect of your life. Allow yourself to be motivated by the power of subliminals and unleash your potential more swiftly than ever before. From its inception, Subliminal Silence has concentrated on creating synergistic affirmations. The scripts employed for the respective Subliminal Collections have been meticulously refined over weeks to embed new beliefs in the subconscious that create lasting effects. Note: These are masked/auditory subliminals. Through a volume control process, the affirmations are concealed from the critical mind, allowing them to directly enter the subconscious. Subliminal Silence is the pioneer in promoting this technique with outstanding success (60,000+ customers).

Distinctive features of these subliminal productions:
  • Concealing affirmations using volume control
  • Highest file quality (.wav format)
  • Incorporating brainwave frequencies to enhance receptiveness
  • Gentle trance induction for increased suggestibility
  • Hypnotic speech patterns targeting the subconscious
  • 3D multilevel post-production of affirmations
  • Multiphasic structuring of the subliminals
  • Boost Up – Advanced speed adjustment of affirmations
  • Suggestion shield (Accepts only positive changes)